About Ruby

Ruby Snack

In short:

Ultra-creative goofball. Naturally bossy. Can be occasionally serious and sensitive. Loves British humor and bad puns. Optimist. Hates doing dishes, but doesn’t mind laundry. Dreamer. Doer. Always on to the next project/event/big thing. Sore loser. Overcomer. Approves of pineapple on pizza. Loves travel and adventure. Will ride the upside-down rollercoaster with you, then do it again. Ex gym bunny. Loves ultra-girly stuff like perfume and scarves, but will also throw down in a tickle-fight if sufficiently provoked. Politically progressive. Gets high on intelligent conversation. Tea drinker. Cheese addict. Lived in Alaska for five years, on purpose. Resourceful. Hard worker. Learning piano and French. Killer of houseplants. Classically trained singer. Ravenclaw. ENFJ. Aquarius. Try and keep up.

Stats and Kinks

Vital Stats:
Relationship status:
Sexual orientation: Straight, but open to new experiences
Height: 5’7.5″
Weight: 285 lbs
Measurements: 55-40-60
Breast size: 40M US, 40JJ UK/I
Shoe size: 10 US
Pussyscaping: Depends on my mood

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My Turn Ons:
Filthy talk, hairy chests, cocky guys, nerds and geeks, intelligent conversation, adrenaline rushes, choking slapping biting pinning, stolen glances and fevered kisses, generosity of spirit, men who are too smart for their own good, accents and languages, elevating passion to an art form, sex. My Turn Offs:
Arrogance, willful ignorance, laziness, whiners, self-centeredness. Specialties:
Costumes, DD/lg, dirty talk, feedee/stuffings, dancing, LARGE toy pussy insertions, belly play.


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