Five Creative ways to Make the Most of Your Existing Content

Standing Out From the Crowd Is Harder Than Ever If you, like many content creators, are struggling to find time or space to film new content due to restrictions from coronavirus, here are a few ways you can repurpose your existing content to make sure you hit your goals this month. Remember, not every customer […]

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Slack: Your Secret Weapon for Staying Organized

How do you organize all your great ideas? I just implemented a new feature on my site where clients will be able to “vote” for the clips they’d like to see me make by sponsoring the ones in which they are most interested.  Like every cam model, I do not suffer from a shortage of […]

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Photo by Kosta. Reproduced under the Creative Commons 2.0 license.

P.s. This blog doesn’t represent all (or even most) sex workers.

I can only write what I know. Every sex worker is different, and this blog doesn’t represent all sex workers. I don’t even come close to representing the average sex worker, but I’d like to do my best to provide a space to amplify their voices. As I begin this blog I want to clarify […]

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Hey, I’m Ruby, and I’m a Sex Worker.

Why me? Why now? I’ve gone back and forth for a couple of years on whether or not I should start a blog about sex work and kink. Time constraints and difficult life events have all conspired to keep my from sinking my teeth into some of the topics that I’ve found interesting since I […]

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