Five Creative ways to Make the Most of Your Existing Content

Creating themed bundles is a great way to repackage existing content!

Standing Out From the Crowd Is Harder Than Ever

If you, like many content creators, are struggling to find time or space to film new content due to restrictions from coronavirus, here are a few ways you can repurpose your existing content to make sure you hit your goals this month.

Remember, not every customer has seen every clip, so your older content is going to be new to someone! Don’t fall into the trap of worrying that just because some of your content has been around for a while, it’s not just as good as your newer material. If you market it correctly, it will sell just as well as something you filmed today.

Here are five ways to make your existing content more interesting to customers:

1. Themed Bundles

Package 3-5 of your similar clips together and offer them at a discount. People tend to have very specific kinks and preferences, and will search for content that caters to those desires. Make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for by creating a bundle of videos that they’ll enjoy. A discount just sweetens the pot!

2. Video Reviews

Enlist the help of other content creators! Plenty of other content creators are dealing with similar struggles, so find out how we can help each other. One fun way to create content is to review another creator’s clip. Maybe you can’t get naked and film a clip in your living room right now, but you might be able to film yourself watching someone else’s clip and then caption the video with your reactions–or do a silent session while you’re locked in the bathroom watching their video!

This is super hot and has the added advantage of providing a promotional boost for each of you when you post your new clips and people want to know which clip you were watching to get so hot and bothered! Just remember that you will need to fill out the proper consent forms if you are posting someone else’s content on any of the big content platforms (even if you’re just watching it in your video).

3. Compilations

Choose some of your favorite scenes and edit them together! Create a bloopers reel or an edit that caters to your favorite fetish. Even silly compilations can be good sellers. Find all the times you said a specific word or phrase, edit it together and sell it to your best fans for a steal.

You can even create exclusive “Director’s Cuts” from all the never-before-seen scenes and clips that didn’t make it to your final edits. Even if your extras are a bit disconnected, people enjoy seeing sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes, especially when they’ve never been seen before.

4. Trailers

If you haven’t already, invest some time in creating some real promotional trailers for each of your clips. Depending on the length of your clip, these should be 8-30 seconds long and show some of the highlights that customers can expect to enjoy while watching.

These trailers can be used to promote your clips on major platforms and Twitter, where moving images are much more eye-catching than stills.

5. Content Swaps

Do you have other content creator friends that you trust? Offer to exchange content! Swap clips to upload and promote each other like crazy on each other’s platforms for a few days. You’ll each pick up new followers and you can work out the terms of the sales (Will you each keep a percentage of sales? Split it evenly?)

Just remember to check the terms and conditions of any site you upload to and get all your consent forms signed ahead of time. A tool I use that’s very helpful and available in the app store is Quick2257. It makes it possible to get all your performer records set up right from your phone.

Hope this helps!

It’s going to be an interesting next few weeks, but hopefully these tips will help you meet your goals. Do you have more ideas on how to repackage existing content or create new content under difficult circumstances? Leave a comment below!

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