Hey, I’m Ruby, and I’m a Sex Worker.

Why me? Why now?

I’ve gone back and forth for a couple of years on whether or not I should start a blog about sex work and kink.

Time constraints and difficult life events have all conspired to keep my from sinking my teeth into some of the topics that I’ve found interesting since I first started sex work. I also have a general feeling that maybe I’m not the expert that this industry needs. However, lately I’m pursuing the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing badly, so here I am.

Like many in the industry, I’ve been overwhelmed by the changes that are taking place. The spread of new methods of reaching out to new clients can be exhausting. The passing of SESTA/FOSTA has gutted the industry and crippled many of our traditional avenues of communication. Social media is cracking down on sex worker accounts, even when they aren’t explicit. These developments have worked to create an environment for sex workers that is less safe and less financially viable.

But I thought anybody could take their clothes off and make money?

One thing I can say, sex work is WORK. People may say that it’s an easy living, but would you give up your steady paycheck and PTO?

For me it’s still worth it, in spite of all the challenges. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. Where else can I be self-sufficient, surround myself with strong, independent goddesses, use my creativity everyday, and, uh…FAP for a living?!

As one of many sex workers who work a ‘vanilla’ job and then moonlight as a kinky sex kitten, I know how challenging work/life balance can get. I’m forever impressed at the way that sex workers manage the facets of their lives and businesses so effortlessly. These ethereal creatures grace us with their charm, humor, creativity, and sex appeal, often for just a buck a minute. What an incredible gift, and an incredible time we live in!

My Background

I started making short custom clips for private clients several years ago, and then moved into camming in early 2017. Soon I realized I really enjoyed the interaction with clients and customers, and began offering clips through some of the larger clip sites.

Ruby's Boobies - these figure into much of my kink and fetish play

I love the work that I do and I can think of no other job that takes such perfect advantage of my entire skillset. This job takes every aspect of my education, upbringing, and even skills from my day job to be successful. As someone who is deeply self-motivated and goal-oriented, I adore the challenge. I strive every day to be better at what I do, to provide quality content, and to make my customers’ days.

The most rewarding aspect of this job is the relationships I’ve made with both clients and other sex workers. Twitter is absolutely invaluable for connecting with people around the world that experience some of the same day-to-day challenges that I face. I’m so grateful for that platform and the ability it gives me to connect. I’m hoping this blog will provide a longer-form version of that.

So what’s the plan?

I intend to use this space to discuss the topics that are on my mind with regards to sex work, kink, what it’s like navigating the world as a woman in my (unique or maybe not-so-unique) position. I’ll probably also include a smattering of personal topics and thoughts for good measure. This blog will act as a diary of sorts, and while I’ve never professed to be a writer, I hope I can provide content that is informative, useful, and entertaining.

If there are topics you would like to hear about, please feel free to submit them via the contact page. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to get to them, but I’m happy to at least discuss them with you.

‘Til next time!

Love, Ruby

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2 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Ruby, and I’m a Sex Worker.

  1. Just dropped by to say Hi! Loved reading a little more about you, my sexy goddess… I miss that sexy accent and those heavenly curves (must find more ways to connect lol).

    Hope you’re still dreaming of me, your number1, dry-humoured, fan from across the pond, in good ol’ Blighty.

    I’ll be checking back here regularly, not for sexy pics, I’ll primarily be looking for grammatical errors and abhorrent apostrophe abuse…

    I’m a fully-fledged member of Mensa AND the ‘Apostrophe Appreciation Society’, you have been warned; black-belt-third-dan in witticisms and slubberdegullion extraordinaire.

    Wink wink, nudge nudge, say-no-more.

    (Check out the song ‘The Colony of Slipper Men’ by Genesis for an inspiring use of the word ‘slubberdegullions’. A song from their concept album ‘The lamb lies down on Broadway’. A story about Rael, a graffiti artist that falls through a wall into another dimension. The song ‘The Colony of Slipper men’ is a part of the new dimension where Rael meets the Slipper men; disgusting entities that thrive on debauchery and the only way to escape is by castration. Rael’s removed member, is placed in a tube on his person, to be kept for re-attachment, only for procreation. Unfortunately a Raven swoops down and steals the tube; a chase then ensues…

    Peter Gabriel, how much acid did you take when writing this album?

    Inspired music, crazy story.)

    Geezus, that was supposed to be a quick nod to a song there in brackets…

    What a misnomer.

    I’m out, peace…

    1. So what you’re really saying is that I’d better mind my p’s and q’s? 😛

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