P.s. This blog doesn’t represent all (or even most) sex workers.

I can only write what I know.

Every sex worker is different, and this blog doesn’t represent all sex workers. I don’t even come close to representing the average sex worker, but I’d like to do my best to provide a space to amplify their voices.

As I begin this blog I want to clarify that I write from the perspective of a white, straight, upper middle-class ciswoman. I do my sex work voluntarily from the comfort and safety of my home. I’m educated and I have a broad, stable support network of family and friends. I have a steady day job where I make enough money to pay my immediate bills. I use money from my camming (and other side hustles) for savings and fun money. I’ve got a helluvalot of privilege coming into this, and I’ll try to keep that in mind as I write.

Sex workers aren’t monolithic.

This isn’t the reality for a lot of providers. While lots of us choose this job, some of us are survival sex workers. Some of us do it because it’s a great way to manage our disability. Many of us aren’t straight. Most of us are people of color. Every gender participates in sex work, along with just about every socioeconomic background you can imagine.

While some of us come from histories of trauma, abuse, and violence, others had safe, happy homes. Lots of us are parents with children living at home. We vary in age from young to old and everything in between. Our bodies are all different and differently-abled.

My point is, not all sex workers look like me, think like me, or make choices like me.

It’s important that I keep learning.

I will always do my best to amplify the voices around me, but ultimately I am only capable of writing from my own experience. Nothing I say should be taken as an example of “All Sex Workers,” “All Women,” etc., because it’s just my lowly opinion. If I fuck up, if I cross a boundary, if I say something that is insensitive, please educate me so I can learn!

This blog is a bit of a journey for me. As of this writing, I already have over fifty drafts started, and I can assure you that I know very little about any of the subjects…yet! I’m full of disjointed opinions and probably more than a handful of misinformation, but I’m eager to learn and willing to try. Here we go!

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