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This bundle includes the following clips:

  • Eating to Immobility
    • Miss Ruby is indulging in one of her favorite treats in this intimate, chat-style video. She confesses her desire to eat and eat and eat until she can’t even move as she stuffs herself with mac ‘n cheese, and she talks about how sweet you are and what a nice boyfriend she has for always bringing her everything she loves. At the end, she’s so full she can barely move and her stretchy leggings are bursting at the seams!
  • Piggy Fatty About to Break the Scale
    • Miss Ruby has been very, very naughty. This year she stopped going to the gym and started being ever-so-lazy about her curvaceous figure. Before she knew it, all that muscle had turned to flab and she was tipping the scales! Now, she’s completely embraced her lazy, luxurious lifestyle and she invites you to join her for her most recent weigh in and measure, where we learn that she’s outgrown her longest measuring tape!
  • Ruby’s Fat Chat
    • Want to know what Miss Ruby’s had on her mind? Snacks, of course! She’s been gaining and gaining, and it’s no surprise, considering all those extra calories she’s been inhaling lately. Watch as she squeezes and caresses all the extra rolls she’s accumulated across every square inch of her body as she discusses how she loves the experience of stuffing herself past capacity and eating for pleasure and sport.



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