Slack: Your Secret Weapon for Staying Organized

How do you organize all your great ideas?

I just implemented a new feature on my site where clients will be able to “vote” for the clips they’d like to see me make by sponsoring the ones in which they are most interested. 

Like every cam model, I do not suffer from a shortage of ideas. Unfortunately, between my day job, family obligations, friendship maintenance, and my various side hustles, it gets a little difficult to stay on top of all the different projects I have going on at any given time.

Slack is a free platform that makes brainstorming easy.

When I found Slack last year, it was a godsend. I actually began using it primarily for my day job at my family’s company, but I realized pretty quickly how it could help organize my model workflow.

Basically, Slack is a free workspace that operates on the idea of channels. Each channel is a separate area where you can brainstorm, chat with collaborators you invite, upload photos of cam room inspiration, save documents from Google Drive, and create posts to organize all your lists of ideas. If you’ve ever used Discord, it’s the same idea, but Slack is geared more toward productivity and integration with useful apps that can give you reminders, track goals, and even send you daily inspiration.

I have separated my Slack into channels for different platforms that I work on (i.e. Chaturbate, ManyVids, C4S) and I also have channels for major upcoming projects and goals. I have a main channel that functions as a catch-all, and that’s where I can quickly type in new clip ideas whenever inspiration hits. I can go back later and organize them into the right locations. It’s great for me because I’m always on the go, but since Slack has a great mobile app, I’ve always got it with me!

It’s also great for collaboration.

I’ve also invited a couple of trusted friends to my workspace. These are people that are great at helping me brainstorm, and are willing to put up with some W E I R D ideas floating across their notifications. They help me sort out my thoughts and encourage me to work in a direction that is coherent with the brand that I want to project.

In short, Slack has been indispensable for me when it comes to organization and collaboration. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot, it’s easy!

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